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Laser Cutting

Materials We Work With

We supply and laser-cut:

Stainless Steel - up to 1” 
Aluminum - up to 1”
Carbon Steel - up to 1” 
Copper - up to 3/8” 
Brass - up to 1/2”


What Laser Cutting Services Can We Provide?

At CW Metals INC. we provide a variety of metal laser cutting services in New York area and other parts of the US. Our professional team will take care of your project - from quotation, design process to metal laser cutting. We cut flat metal sheets and plates up to 1” thickness with a maximum size of 60”x120”. We always aim to provide excellent services with tight tolerance, clean-cut edge, complex profiles. So if you're looking for short or long production runs, rapid turnaround, superior service at competitive prices - CW Metals INC. is a place to go.
We deliver locally in the New York tri-state area and ship across the United States.
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accuracy icon laser cutting services
High Accuracy
Controlled by the latest technology system, fiber laser cutting is known for its high speed and high precision.
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High Efficiency
Laser metal cutters are known for precision. Metal cuts made by lasers are smooth, clean and need minimal production after the cutting is complete.
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Advanced Technology
Fiber laser cutting includes the full application of advanced laser technology to provide a fantastic edge quality and make all the parts smoother and cleaner.


Gallery Of Metal Laser Cutting Products